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Gardner Housing Authority’s Dynamic Partnership with EOHLC

At the Gardner Housing Authority, we are thrilled to stand alongside the Executive Office of Housing and Livable Communities (EOHLC) in Massachusetts to offer a holistic approach to housing solutions. Our collaboration extends beyond providing affordable living spaces to actively addressing the pressing issue of homelessness prevention.

The EOHLC plays a pivotal role in preventing homelessness through a variety of programs that align seamlessly with our mission at Gardner Housing Authority. One such initiative is the Emergency Assistance (EA) Program, which provides financial assistance and support services to families and individuals facing imminent risk of homelessness. This critical program aids households with children, pregnant women, and individuals under the age of 21, ensuring they have access to safe and stable living environments.

Additionally, the HomeBASE program, another cornerstone of EOHLC’s homelessness prevention efforts, offers flexible resources to help families and individuals secure or maintain stable housing. This program emphasizes a rapid re-housing approach, providing financial assistance for rent, utility payments, and other housing-related costs.

Through our partnership with EOHLC, Gardner Housing Authority aligns its efforts with these impactful initiatives. We understand that preventing homelessness is a multifaceted endeavor, and by leveraging the resources and programs offered by EOHLC, we can make a meaningful impact in the lives of Massachusetts residents.

Our commitment to preventing homelessness is not only about offering housing solutions but also about empowering individuals and families to overcome the challenges they face. As we extend our hand in partnership with EOHLC, we invite you to explore the various properties managed by Gardner Housing Authority. From the family-friendly GarWest Apartments, Forrest Park, and the centrally located High Rise apartments on Church Street, each property is a testament to our dedication to creating vibrant, secure communities.

To apply for housing assistance and take the first step toward securing affordable living, we encourage you to visit our homepage, where you’ll find user-friendly links designed to streamline the application process. Join us in partnership with EOHLC, and together, let’s build a future where homelessness is prevented, and every individual has access to safe and affordable housing. Apply today and become part of the positive change we are fostering in the Gardner community.